About Kantar Media CIC

As part of the leading global communication group WPP, Kantar Media is China's leading business strategies and competitive intelligence provider, servicing worldwide brands, publishers, agencies and brand owners. Kantar Media provides paid media analysis, reputation management, business consultation, and consumer engagement evaluation.
In 2012, Kantar Media CIC was established through the acquisition of CIC, a social and digital business intelligence pioneer since 2004 by Kantar Media. The company offers social buzz analysis, technology solutions, new media research and social business consultation.  
Kantar Media CIC enables enterprise to leverage the power of social media and Internet Word of Mouth for operational and marketing innovation. The company is the inventor of concept – IWOM and later Social Business to Chinese market. It consistent provides social business intelligence from an objective, third-party perspective to global leading brands and agencies.
For information about Kantar Media CIC, please visit http://www.kantarmedia.com.cn, or follow us on Sina Microblog KantarMediaCIC and Wetchat KMCIC.

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